Our strategy

We are passionate about improving the lives of blind and partially sighted people. Our ambition for our 2014-2019 strategy is to make every day better for everyone affected by sight loss.

Losing your sight can be a frightening, lonely experience. People are at their most vulnerable soon after diagnosis.

Blind and partially sighted people want to live independently so they make the most of their lives. They want society to include them as equal citizens and consumers. And we, of course, want fewer people to lose their sight.

So for our strategy, we will support many more people to make the most of their lives, influence society to include blind and partially sighted people, and work with partners to raise awareness about sight loss. And, above all, we will be there so that everyone with serious sight loss gets the practical and emotional support they need to rebuild their lives.

The five year plan

By 2019, we will:

  • Make sure there is an Eye Clinic Liaison service covering every eye clinic in the UK to provide direct practical and emotional support to everyone who is newly diagnosed with significant permanent sight loss, and referral on to other services. We will influence the NHS and others to fund these services, provide training and support to local organisations to provide local ECLO services, and pump prime when necessary.
  • Provide the most highly regarded, comprehensive advice and support service for anyone affected by sight loss in the UK, including eye health information, personalised assessment, emotional support, helpline, welfare rights and advocacy. It will be cross-channel, to enable people to be in contact with us in the way that best suits them.
  • Reach many more people with our range of face to face skills development and confidence building courses, support for using goods and services for the home and digital technologies, and supporting blind and partially sighted people to develop skills to gain and retain work. We will do this by working with volunteers and providing much more through peer support and mentoring.
  • Have a renewed focus on children including providing confidence building support and services; and developing our educational services for children and young people with complex needs so they provide a sustainable model for how education to children and young people with complex needs and sight loss can and should be provided.
  • Make more books, magazines, newspapers, images, music and other content available to people simultaneous to mainstream publication in formats they can use.
  • Be a retailer of choice for the sale of products that support blind and partially sighted people to live independently.
  • Offer solutions to businesses to enable them to make their publications, goods, services, buildings and environments useable and accessible to people with sight loss.
  • Influence and campaign both locally and nationally with government, NHS, Local Authorities, manufactures, content providers, retailers, educators, employers and residential care providers to make policies, goods, services, technologies and environments inclusive and accessible to and for blind and partially sighted people.

Our future and the UK Vision Strategy

Our future plans will directly support the UK Vision Strategy, an initiative, led by RNIB that focuses on transforming eye health, eye care and sight loss services in the UK.

Following a consultation, there is a revised UK Vision Strategy.

Knowledge and research hub

We are a leading source of information on sight loss and the issues affecting blind and partially sighted people. Access our statistics, evidence and reports in our research hub.

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