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We’re the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and for almost 150 years we’ve existed to help blind and partially sighted people in the UK. 

As we celebrate our 150-year anniversary in 2018, we’re readying ourselves for the next 150.

You can help to determine where we prioritise our future work.

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What we know

We’ve a wealth of insights into the lived experience of sight loss from daily conversations with customers, right through to the latest research being shared by experts.

We’ve drawn together the issues blind and partially sighted people face. We’ve listened, questioned and researched to understand the big problems that need to be solved.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve gathered: The future of sight loss in the UK (Word doc, 25KB)

What we believe in

Our work up till now has clarified three things to guide RNIB’s future work:

1. Being there for blind and partially sighted people

We believe in helping every blind and partially sighted person to access the support and services that enable independence and a good quality of life. 

2. Mobilising the community of blind and partially sighted people

We believe a connected community of blind and partially sighted people, including family, friends and carers, is vital to providing peer support and ending the isolation experienced by many people living with sight loss. 

3. Changing society

We believe in changing society to be more inclusive of blind and partially sighted people. This includes raising awareness to change public attitudes towards sight loss, influencing the development of new and mainstream technologies, and campaigning for better services and protecting rights. 

Where we are headed - more partnerships

To make sustainable changes to the everyday lives of blind and partially sighted people we believe we must change the way we work. We need to focus on what will make the biggest impact. 

This means our approach will need to be different from anything we've done before. We recognise we cannot do it all by ourselves. A wider approach is needed, which is why partnerships are so important.

We'll be working with the RNIB Connect Community to build upon the strength that exists there, and we'll be working with others in the eye health and sight loss sector as well as government agencies and private sector companies to achieve change there too. Together we can change society. 

The results of this survey together with the evidence we have already will confirm the priorities we should focus on and help us decide what approach is best, working in partnership with everyone else who can deliver the best outcomes for blind and partially sighted people.

We need your help

As we set about turning our insights, beliefs and future direction into action, you can help us answer an extremely important question: Where should RNIB focus its efforts over the next few years?

Share your views with us on Survey Monkey or download the Word Document survey and return to us by email to

Share your views

Future conversations

We want these responses to be just the start as we work together with you to achieve more, standing alongside people living with sight loss and those that care about them.
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