Accessible street saved!

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Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Inclusive journeys
Image of a street with houses, cars parked and a pavement with bins on it

We are delighted and relieved to hear that a new scheme that threatened blind and partially sighted people's ability to walk safely from A to B has been stopped

Ealing Council's plans included a proposal to convert the pedestrian path along Whitton Avenue into a shared use pathway for pedestrians and cyclists. This would have left blind and partially sighted people with no safe path free of wheeled vehicles.
We worked with residents to understand what the impacts of this proposal would be and supported them to challenge the council's plans for a shared use pathway.
We thank Ealing Council for considering the issues with shared use paths and for choosing instead to keep a safe walking space for all pedestrians.
Hugh Huddy, Policy and Campaign Manager, RNIB said:

We hope this decision helps reinforce the vital need for safe pedestrian paths throughout the country and that other councils will protect their accessible streets and follow Ealings example.