No More Socks - App of the month, December 2015

15 December 2015

Introducing: No More Socks

The ultimate gift list and gift buying tool set. Planning, sharing, shopping, reminders, inspiration and much more. No More Socks is great for Christmas but also for all other events, all year round.

What does it do?

No More Socks is not just another Christmas list app. Store and organize great gift ideas all year round, find and bookmark gifts online, go shopping, share ideas and get inspiration, all without leaving the app. There is no other app like it.

  • The only gift planner with online shopping and bookmarking
  • Now the only app with community idea sharing for extra inspiration

Easily find, organize, remember and buy amazing presents for all your friends and family. Gift lists, events, ideas gathering, birthday reminders, online and offline shopping, inspiration and sharing. All rolled into one beautifully designed app.

The main features

  • Create events, add people, add presents, go shopping... all within the app
  • Quickly enter a note or a photo wherever you are with the Ideas Pad
  • Keep a list of ideas for each person you buy for, all year round
  • Get inspiration from other NMS users via the community
  • Share your best present ideas with the community and win prizes
  • Keep everything safe from curious eyes with the pass code lock
  • Search the web for your ideas
  • Create multiple bookmarks for your ideas on retailers' websites
  • Get everything you need from a shop in one visit with smart shopping lists
  • Export shopping lists, including bookmarks, to your computer via email
  • Keep track of what you bought people last year... and the year before
  • Be reminded about your friends' birthdays
  • Import contacts from your address book
  • Beautiful design - looks even better on iPhone 4
  • iOS 5 ready

Add notes, set budgets, specify your first choices, do research, organize, re-organize... or, do virtually none of these. No More Socks is really flexible and most things are optional. Make your gift shopping as easy or as complicated as you like.

What’s so great about No More socks!?

This is a fantastic tool for planning, buying and buying those inspiring gifts for your friends, family and loved ones.  The app is divided in to four main categories; events, people, shopping and gift.  Simply create an event, which can be recurring or one-time, add friends to the events then go shopping for ideas and inspiration.  You can bookmark product pages from online retailers in the app, and if you don’t know what to get just yet, simply use the handy notepad to jot down ideas that strike you for later investigation.  All in all, a thoroughly well designed and easy to use app.

Where do I get it?


  • Download from iTunes
  • Price: £1.49

User comments

On behalf of everyone at the technology for life team, we would like to extend our season’s greetings to you, and wish you a happy, safe and truly magical Christmas.