The Call for Evidence

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In 2017, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Eye Health and Visual Impairment published a Call for Evidence to help gather evidence for the Inquiry. This document discusses:

  • the current picture on sight loss
  • why the capacity of eye care services and avoidable sight loss are an issue that need to be addressed, and
  • the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference – its aims and objectives, scope, how evidence will be gathered, what the APPG wants to achieve by running the Inquiry the Inquiry’s and its timelines.

The Call for Evidence also explains who the APPG wanted to receive evidence from and why and sets out a series of questions to each of the following:

  • (A) The Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England
  • (B) Commissioners and Eye Clinics
  • (C) Sustainability Transformation Partnerships
  • (D) Patients and their families
  • (E) Health profession bodies, charities, research and health industry organisations with an interest in eye health and commissioning
  • (F) Other areas of health policy which may enable us to identify lessons that can be applied to eye health.

The Call for Evidence document can be accessed here

APPG Inquiry Call for Evidence updated 05 10 2017.docx (66.32 K

Please note, the call for evidence has now closed.

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