Attendance Allowance under attack

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Thursday, 25 August 2016
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Protecting welfare support
Join our campaign supporters - Joanna, Mike and John - and ask your MP to help protect Attendance Allowance.
Attendance Allowance is like Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – but for older people (65 and over). It helps to meet the extra costs of having a disability. However the Government is currently thinking about transferring the funding for Attendance Allowance from the Department for Work and Pensions to local councils.
We don't think they should do this. We’re really worried that moving Attendance Allowance to cash-strapped local authorities could make it very difficult for people with sight loss to receive it as it would probably be means-tested and certainly rationed. 
Joanna, Mike and John, three of our fantastic campaign supporters, are concerned about this proposal too. They want you to let your MP know what’s going on, and have helped make this really easy by each writing a letter for you to send to your MP, depending on your relationship to Attendance Allowance.

Get involved – help save Attendance Allowance

We urgently need your support. Whether you’re sighted, partially sighted or blind, receive Attendance Allowance or not, we need your MP to hear from you about why it should stay as it is. 

Find your letter and ask your MP to help save Attendance Allowance