Audio Game Hub - App of the month, September 2016

1 September 2016


Audio Game Hub is a free suite of audio games for both the Android and IOS platforms. It has it's own built-in accessibility. You turn off your speech in order to use it. Audio game hub is best used with headphones as it uses stereo imagery to pinpoint items on the screen. Audio game hub includes 8 games such as slot machines, archery, memory games and hunt. All the games are fairly easy to play and each game includes a short tutorial.
And off course all is accessible.

What’s so great about “Audio Game Hub”?

It is very easy to play, and it comes with its own tutorial. In the archer game, for example, you listen for a tone which moves across from left to right. When the tone is in the middle you pull your finger down the screen and lift off to fire an arrow.
You can upload your scores and compete with others.
The app is entertaining and fun to play.

Where do I get it? 

Download : 
Price: Free
Platform: iOS and Android

User comments

A very entertaining way to play our favourite audio games and pass the time.

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