Braille and giant print

we have a large selection of braille and giant print booksOur library collection gives you access to more than 22,000 braille books and more than 6,000 giant print books, in a wide choice of genres for adults and children.

Whether you’re reading for learning or leisure, you’ll find plenty to inspire you in the RNIB Library, which is used by more than 5,000 blind and partially sighted people nationwide.

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Formats available

Choose from braille books, including titles suitable for adult braille learners, giant print books in 24 point type which allow you to make the most of any sight you do have, or Moon books.

Product information

RNIB Library is the largest in the UK for people with sight loss. It’s free to join and you can enjoy access to our range of braille, giant print and Moon books for adults and children. 

We also offer Talking Books and a music library.

  • Use our online library catalogue to browse, discover and choose your books
  • Borrow up to six books at a time, for up to three months each
  • Books are delivered free of charge to your home, school or place of work, and are free to return 


• Get help choosing books from our experienced library team, or get technology or reading advice in your own home from our national team of volunteers 
• Enjoy access to our bi-annual Read On magazine, bi-monthly New Books magazine and monthly email newsletters with all the latest reading news and suggestions – plus tune in to RNIB Connect Radio online or on Freeview channel 730 for even more book news


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  • call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999
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  • fill out our library registration form:

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You can also sign up by filling out our library registration form:

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