Firsthand: uncontracted (grade 1) reading and writing course

Firsthand is designed to teach the learner to touch-read and write uncontracted (grade 1) braille, primarily for use in such areas as labelling, and reading and writing short notes.

Firsthand is not designed as a self-teach course. It should be taught by someone with a good knowledge of braille and touch reading techniques.

The introduction of the letters of the alphabet and other signs is very gradual, giving the learner ample opportunity to assimilate and accommodate these signs, and to practise touch reading.

On completion of volume 4 of Firsthand, the learner can choose to transfer to volume 2 of Fingerprint to learn contracted braille (grade 2), or may wish to stick with uncontracted braille and complete the remaining volumes of Firsthand.

The Firsthand reading and writing pack comprises seven braille volumes.

The Firsthand teachers' handbook in print or braille must be bought separately.

Firsthand isl available to order from the RNIB online shop.

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