Bus UK - App of the month, April 2014

1 April 2014

Bus UK is an app that allows you to find the nearest bus stops, the times of the next buses at those bus stops, and the next bus stop while travelling on the bus.

What’s so great about the Bus UK app?

The great thing about Bus UK is that you can rely on technology instead of your eyes to let you know when your bus has arrived. Bus UK has a high contrast design and large text.

Where to get it

Download from Google Play Store
Developed by: ScreenReader.net
Platform: Android 2.2 or later
Price: £0.99

User comments

We heard from Roger from Peterborough, who works for the company that created Bus UK.

"Bus UK works only on Android phones using GPS and the Web. I recommend it because it does what it says on the tin and makes my journeys by bus so much more relaxing and enjoyable.

"I have travelled as a blind chap all my life but as I get older and don’t see or hear as well, I have come to experience some of the difficulties that I read about in the disability travel literature. I had no idea how stressed other blind travellers can be on buses and trains and hope the following will help and reassure. On the noisy bus it is not now so easy to ask the driver or other passengers to put me off at the right stop and I have never had enough vision to pick out my stops in any case.

"So, with the phone in my hand or top pocket, and Bus UK working, I get to hear the name of each stop as we pass it or stop at it. ‘Next stop Five Arches’ is what I hear when coming home. There is just time to press the bell and there is no hassle.

"Bus UK still works for me when I am walking and there is a bonus here too. It's nice to have the reassurance when the bus has driven off on a dark night that I really am where I think I am.

"Lastly, when I am at a stop waiting for a bus, obviously Bus UK tells me the name of my bus stop and if I tap the screen, up comes the time of the next bus. This seems to work all around the UK, and some of the times are real time and some are timetable times only. Both useful, of course.

"The information on the screen is clear and reasonably large and there is speech as well. On modern Android phones, triple tapping the screen makes the words even larger. So hopefully the app is good for all levels of visual disability and it is so nice not to have to do anything with the phone but the occasional screen tap. Enjoy and I hope it makes your bus journeys happier as it has done for me over recent months."

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