Campaigning for accessible train stations

20 March 2014

Siobhan Meade, RNIB Volunteer Campaign Coordinator in Norfolk and young campaigners' network mentor, has been campaigning to get tactile and high visibility indicators on a footbridge at her local train station.

Siobhan explains why the lack of indicators on the footbridge is an issue for her, how she has been campaigning and how others can get involved.

"For years, the footbridge at Great Yarmouth station has only had indicators on the station side. Where the footbridge enters onto one of the busiest roads in the town, there is no indicator. I have walked into the road without knowing and for people like me who are living with sight loss; this creates a really dangerous and unexpected situation.

Rather than continuing to be affected by this issue, I have decided to do something about it. I am calling for tactile and high visibility indicators to be placed on both sides of the footbridge. It's not much to ask for and although it seems an insignificant issue, it's something that would make a massive difference to me. No longer would I need to count steps in order to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

I have met with my MP and local councillors and am looking at surveying users of the station on their experiences in order to raise my case and demonstrate the effect of the lack of indication. I am also working to get support from the local VIP user group who would be a great asset in taking this forward. I am always looking for others to raise the issue alongside me, especially as I will be moving away from Great Yarmouth in the coming months."

If anyone is interested in joining Siobhan's campaign, please email [email protected], our Regional Campaigns Officer for the East of England.

By Siobhan Meade