Rehabilitation services campaign toolkit

In recent years pressures on local authority budgets have threatened both the quality and availability of visual impairment rehabilitation services. Effective rehabilitation is important for people to adapt to living with sight loss. 

This rehabilitation campaign pack contains information on the purpose and legal justification for rehabilitation along with practical advice on how to campaign for change when issues are identified. We are also offering a short factsheet that contains key information but omits the campaigning advice included in the complete pack. 
Rehab Campaign Pack (Word, 175.5 KB)
Rehab Campaign factsheet (Word, 164KB)

Contact the team

Campaigning on issues sometimes varies betweens countries in the UK, if you're not in England contact your national campaigns team to make sure you're as effective as you can be!
If you have concerns about your local rehabilitation service please contact the campaigns team and let us know as we can advise on next steps that you could take to address any issues on [email protected] or 020 7391 2123

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