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Welcome to the Key Campaigner area 

Key Campaigners are a vital part of our network of campaigners across England. Here you'll find information on how to become a Key Campaigner, your latest Key Campaigner action and previous actions over the past year.
As a Key Campaigner, we would like to thank you. By committing to take three actions a year on priority campaigns, you boost our campaigning impact and help us fight for the rights and opportunities of blind and partially sighted people.
If you're not based in England and want to get more involved in campaigning roles in your country, contact your national campaigns team.

Your Key Campaigner actions

Support for Key Campaigners

We love to hear from our Key Campaigners, and would love to hear from you! Please call us on 0207 391 2173 or email [email protected].
Our team of Regional Campaigns Officers are also here to support you and work across the English regions on both national and local campaign issues. Our Regional Campaigns Officers are currently supporting blind and partially sighted people to challenge issues from cars parking on pavements to major changes being pushed through by the government.