Need it to Read it campaign

After years of campaigning, it’s here! All health and adult social care providers in England are now required to provide medical information in a format that blind and partially sighted people can access.
This is thanks to the NHS England Accessible Information Standard (also known as SCCI 1605) which mandates that anyone providing a service on behalf of NHS England or in adult social care must provide information in a format that their patients can access. This includes appointment letters, leaflets, letters regarding treatment and conditions as well as the dispensing labels on prescriptions. 
If you need your NHS information in an alternative format, or know someone who does, your GP or hospital clinic will need to be officially notified about which format is required. You can use the toolkit below to notify health and social care professionals of your communication needs.
If you're a health or social care provider or professional, please visit our dedicated pages with information on meeting the needs of your blind and partially sighted patients.

Join us and ensure health information is accessible 

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