Voting and elections

The right to vote independently, and in secret, is a cornerstone of our democracy. Yet blind and partially sighted voters continue to face unacceptable barriers to exercising their democratic right to vote in secret.

Following last year's local and devolved elections and EU referendum, we found that 50 percent of voters with sight loss didn't feel able to vote in secret. This isn't good enough. With this year's General Election now right around the corner, we need your support to make this election the most accessible yet. 


It was extremely stressful, finding my way in was difficult as the signs were tiny and hidden in places. The polling booth was so dark I couldn't see. I am not sure I put my cross in the correct box. The staff were unable to help me.

Voter in last year's EU referendum.

Take action

We've set up a blurred e-polling card for you to send to your candidates, asking them to do their bit to make this the most accessible election yet and to show how difficult it is for people with sight loss to access voting.

Send an e-card to your candidates.

We've also produced a handy briefing for you to use if you speak to any of your candidates:


Voting - your rights

Are you blind or partially sighted? Here's everything you need to know about this year's General Election:
Register to vote: 22 May
Register for postal vote: 23 May
By law, local authorities must:
1. Ensure that every polling station has the correct tactile voting templates and large print ballot papers and that staff know how to use these 
2. Ensure that the tactile voting templates correctly fit the ballot papers and that the large print versions of the ballot paper are readily available for voters to use, not displayed as posters 
Find out more about how you can vote in the upcoming election.

Turned Out 2016

Turned Out 2016 is based on a survey that asked blind and partially sighted voters about their experiences in last May’s local, regional and Mayoral elections and the European referendum in June. Thanks so much to all who filled in the survey and shared their story with us; we couldn’t have done this without you.
Read the full report:

Accessible information campaign news

Find out what we're doing on our accessible information campaign. We campaign to ensure that people with sight loss receive information in a format they can read from their service providers and public authorities.

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