Help us build a bright future for children and young people with vision impairment

We want all children and young people with vision impairment to thrive, learn and achieve a successful future.

But we're concerned that children and young people aren't recieving the support they need.

Children and young people with vision impairment have the same potential to learn, achieve and thrive alongside their sighted peers. We're worried that a lack of appropriate support to access the curriculum and learn vital social, communication and mobility skills is preventing them from fullfulling their potential. 

From babies and young children to teenagers and young adults, we want the right provision when it comes to education, habilitation and transitions. 

Tell us your story!

Are you a young person with vision impairment, a parent or professional? You’re in the unique position to say what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to support from education to habilitation and transitions. We want to ensure that every child and young person with vision impairment gets the support they need; your story can help us get there. 
We’re looking for stories to feature in our campaign, share yours in the form below.
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