Tactile paving

In 2015, the Department for Transport held some consultations around tactile paving. As well as sending in our own response to this, we supported many blind and partially sighted people to attend the consultation in person, and to submit written responses.

You can read our response to the consultation:

Happily, the Department for Transport (DfT) has now announced that their current proposals to change tactile paving regulations have been dropped. 

While we agree with the need to update the regulations, we robustly opposed changes to the regulations which would have affected the size, shape and contrast of tactile paving. 

Despite the DfT working with us to host some consultation events, we believed that more in-depth research was needed to better understand how blind and partially sighted people use tactile paving. We produced resources for campaigners and encouraged people to respond to the DfT consultation late last year. 

The Department for Transport has now said the current proposals will be dropped and more research will be done before any changes are brought into effect. We’ve also been asked by the Department for Transport to sit on a steering group to help advise the direction of this new work. Changes are now not expected until at least 2017. This is a great example of what happens when you empower campaigners to make ensure their voice is heard.

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