Envision campaigners network

Young blind and partially sighted campaigners who want to change the world.

Are you blind or partially sighted and aged 18-30? 
Would you like to get involved in a newly formed network of young campaigners?
Envision is RNIB’s young people's campaigns network set up and run by blind and partially sighted campaigners aged between 18 and 30 in England. 

What we do and how to get involved

Launched in 2013, the network provides an opportunity for like minded campaigners to get together and campaign on the issues that affect them, inspired by Haggeye, a similar network in Scotland. The campaigns are decided upon, organised and run by the members, with RNIB supporting along the way. 
Members of Envision are passionate about being able to live independently and see the ability to get out and about, and to work as central to this. They’re currently campaigning for accessible coffee shops and to improve access to employment for young blind and partially sighted people, including the removal of unnecessary barriers in the Access to Work scheme. 
For more information and to join the network, call the team on 0207 391 2123, email [email protected] or find us on Facebook or Twitter

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Envision campaigning news

Find out what our young campaigns network, Envision, are campaigning on. The network is made up of blind and partially sighted 18-30 year olds who campaign on issues that affect them.

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