Government and public bodies regularly consult on their plans and it can be a great opportunity for us to influence.

It could be a Parliamentary Select Committee looking for evidence, a public body producing guidance or even the first draft of a piece of legislation. 

Consultation responses

Ofcom, How should on-demand services be made accessible?, April 2018

Cabinet Office, Access to elections: call for evidence, November 2017

Public Consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules, January 2014

Ofcom, Improving access to electronic communications services for disabled people, February 2013

EU review of existing legislation on VAT reduced rates, December 2012

Department for Culture, Media and Sport Communications Review, Seminar on Consumers, September 2012

Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Inquiry on library closures, January 2012

Ofcom consultation on securing the universal postal service, December 2011

Cabinet Office consultation on Individual Electoral Registration, October 2011

Ofgem consultation on implementing smart meters, August 2011

Delivering Digital Inclusion, January 2009

Delivering Digital Britain, January 2009