Social distancing with sight loss

Tips on how you can help with social distancing 

We created a short film to help people not feel awkward interacting with blind and partially sighted people during the coronavirus situation. 

You can download the transcript of the social distancing film here.


What the Government can do

Two thirds of blind and partially sighted people tell us they feel less independent than before lockdown, that's why we’ve been asking the Government to:

  • Share advice with service providers, businesses and employers explaining how they can make social distancing measures accessible

  • Clarify the rules around guiding for blind and partially sighted people while social distancing is in place (and we've been successful on this - read more in our campaigning news)

  • Help us explain to the public why people with hidden disabilities such as sight loss find it more difficult to social distance so the public are more understanding 

  • Make sure all updates about coronavirus are easily available in formats blind and partially sighted people can read, and apps and testing are accessible.


What businesses can do

As businesses begin to reopen, making changes to protect staff and customers is so important and it is essential these changes are accessible for blind and partially sighted customers. 

We have created some best practice guidelines to help businesses understand how they can help their blind and partially sighted customers with these changes.

Read our guidance


What you can do

Social distancing relies on being able to see where others are, something that’s impossible for many people with sight loss, and this has impacted on people’s independence and confidence.  

Take our 'Sight loss and social distancing quiz' to find out more about the challenges and how you can help and then share with your family and friends. 

If you are blind or partially sighted, why not share your tops tips for making social distancing more accessible, which we will compile and share with other blind and partially sighted people to help each other get through these unsettling times. 

You could also share our summary guidance for businesses with your local shops or gym. Our guidance helps businesses understand how to support their blind and partially sighted customers with any social distancing measures they have made to make their premises safe for customers and staff.


Top Tips 

We've got some tips, for people with sight loss, to help adjust to the 'new normal'. And if you’re finding it difficult to social distance or are particularly concerned about other people getting too close, why not check out “Please Give Me Space”, a government-backed scheme which asks others to keeping their distance.

Read our Top Tips


We turned the Piccadilly Lights upside down

We began our #WorldUpsideDown campaign on the world-famous Piccadilly Lights. With the support of several household brands, we ran an advertisement which appeared to turn Piccadilly Lights upside down.