CATNAV scheme

RNIB launches CATNAV scheme to train cats to guide blind and partially sighted people

Why have we chosen cats?

Actually, we haven't really; we just couldn't resist an April Fools Day joke!

But while you're here, we'd like to draw your attention to a more urgent issue which you can read about (while looking at our would-be mobility cats)!

Sight loss is set to increase

There are around two million people in the UK who are affected by sight loss, and this is expected to double to four million by 2050.

People often think that sight loss only happens to other people, but it can happen to anyone at anytime.

Did you know that 50 per cent of sight loss is avoidable?

By raising awareness of sight loss today, we hope that people will think about the health of their eyes.

So, if you havent had an eye test in more than two years, book an appointment now and look after your eyes.

Our advice and support

RNIB is here for everyone affected by sight loss, providing practical and emotional support to help people live their lives and face the future with confidence.