Channel 4 Dispatches

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Monday, 11 August 2014

On Monday 11 August, Channel 4’s Dispatches programme looked at the topic of telephone fundraising, and an undercover reporter was sent to work at telephone fundraising agency Pell and Bales, where she was assigned to an RNIB campaign.

We are confident that our telephone fundraising activity meets all legal requirements as well as best practice guidelines set out by the Institute of Fundraising.

At RNIB we have a fundraising promise which values openness, clarity and respect. We require anyone acting on our behalf to observe these high standards.

Should the Dispatches programme reveal information and/or transactions which have not previously been known to us, we would investigate these immediately and swiftly take appropriate and necessary action.

We are very active members of the Institute of Fundraising and are happy to continue participating in ongoing practice and policy reviews.