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Hi, I have an Iphone SE which I use with Voiceover, however I have been struggling to find games which are accessable with Voiceover for someone like myself who is totally blind. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions at all? Ththanks, Claire

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Hi Claire,
depending on what kind of games you like:
Diceworld is very popular fully voiceover accessible has about 6 different games all with clear instructions.
Trivia crack or Kingdoms (by the same people) is a good Trivia style game.
Blackbox is quite popular at the moment, it's a kind of puzzle game.
Hanging with friends is a hangman style one.
there's also various accessible Sudoku and crossword apps but I'd have to go check the names of them.
Hope that gets you started :)

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hi Kim, thank you so much for that, I do love crosswords, so if you do know of any accessible crossword apps would you be able to let me know? Take care Claire

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If hanging with friends is accessible then I can almost guarantee Words with Friends is. It's by the same people and a bit like Scrabble. It was originally called Scrabulous and was a bit more like Scrabble than it is now until Mattel/Hasbro stepped in and they changed the name and some of the rules. It's the same size board but has the bonus tiles in different places and a different distribution of the letter tiles (also different scores for some of the letters) making it different enough for Mattel/Hasbro to have backed down but similar enough to still be fun.

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Also both Words with friends and hanging with friends are cross-platform (Android, iPhone, Windows phone and on Facebook) so you won't be short of friends to play against.

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You might also try Huboodle. It VO accessible and has 8 games (Ludo, Poker, Blackjack, Word War, Battle Cats, Trivia, Simon, and Word Builder).


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Hi there. Lela here. You could play some games from the Blindfold series. You could also play Dice World, which is very accessible with voice-over. I play these games and they are amazing. You can play against me if you like. Hope that helps.

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Iwould love to play against you! I'm not a big fan of Dice world     but which blindfold games do you play?