The Voice and Android

I am totally bind and am considering embarking on alternative sensory routes to enhance mobility. I have already tested and rejected BrainPort 100 on the grounds of cost and its insistence on sighted assistance through all the learning stages.

I am now researching the Voice on Android which provides sound feedback to enhance recognition of obstacles and the environment. The theory is that the brain does not care which data it receives and processes it anyway. The theory is that the extra sound input is processed in the visual section of the brain and through a learning process can considerably enhance one's ability to move through every day environments.

my question is: has anyone else had any dealings with this system or know of anyone who has?

Patrick Adams

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I can't say I've heard of it before but it sounds fascinating. I hope you share some of your research here.

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Hi Patrick. Thanks for your post. I have heard of neither of your projects which sound quite interesting as both an experience and a way of guiding you in direction. I have heard of sensory gardens and also a project to put up beacons in a shopping mall to identify shops as well as the RNIB navigator and Blindsquare Apps. Hope to hear more from you.