Freeview Recorder - best EPG?

Hi. Please can anyone advise on which makes and models of Freeview Recorder machines have the clearest and easiest EPG. My previous one recently stopped working, and all the 'new improved' models have text-boxes which are dark-grey on light-grey or vice versa, with text which is really difficult to read from a few feet away on my 26" screen. The remote controls have similar problems but at least I can stick bright-coloured labels on the buttons I use most.
It seems the on-screen displays seem to have no regard for partially-sighted viewers. Please can anyone recommend one they get on well with? Thank you!

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I’m sorry, but I don’t know about the Freeview Recorders.

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Hi, I think I've found the answer to this question. I tried various Freeview recorders and have settled on BT Youview, which also has a Catch-Up and Smart TV facility. The EPG is clearer than most in the Default mode, but if you go into Settings it's possible to get a higher contrast option for on-screen text and this makes a huge difference to readability from across the room. There's also an app which you can download to your iPhone or iPad which will link to your Recorder, and you can program it to Record your choice of programmes. Brilliant!