HTC or iPhone

HTC or iPhone

Hi all, just wondering what people's thoughts are on the new HTC U11 life and the the iPhoneX.
I've been an android girl for many years and a real lover of HTC, but a lot of people I know with sight impairments seem to love the iPhone.
So before I go and by my next Android would love to hear from the community.
Thanks all. xx


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I don't know whether this is just a coincidence but most blind people who have recommended iPhone to me have been closer to the "severe" end of the spectrum than I have, those who would require voice recognition and text-to-speech rather than those who maybe only require a high contrast keyboard and a means of magnification.

I think that, although iPhone has a better default experience, Android probably comes up with a comparable experience with the use of third-party apps. As an example Apple recently came up wth a braille keyboard option but similar options have been available as a third party option for Android before Apple released theirs and many more were available afterwards.

I think Talkback works about as well as VoiceOver and both systems have their good points and foibles (although I've not really used these assistive features as triple-tap-to-zoom is pretty much all I need at the moment). I do tend to use "OK Google" to do things. I don't know how it compares to Siri but I get a bit annoyed when I ask about something and it says "Here's a webpage" but doesn't bother to read that webpage out. I've just checked Siri on a friend's phone and the experience is similar for that though.

I think Google and Apple are both quite hot on making accessibilty a priority. Some options may have to be downloaded from the App Store or Play store first as Accessibility can take a lot of space.

My own view is it can still depend a lot on whether you're an Apple person or an Android person. The best bet would be to see if you can get an iPhone for a trial run. Maybe just borrow one from a friend for 20 minutes or so and have a play.

For me Apple always seems expensive for what it is and I've always been the kind of person to want to customise what my phone does and Apple doesn't really cater for that very well. They have a reputation for being stable (which isn't always well deserved going by my wife's experiences with some of their cheaper models) and has the benefit of having the operating system and hardware completely under the control of the same company.

In the end, as I've said already, the best way you can find out is to try one.

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