I was mistaken for a deaf person

My family had arranged that we all go for a meal to a pub, I asked one of my friends to ring up the pub and ask if they had braille menus, the person at the other end said that they don't have braille menus, but someone could sign the menu to me, my friend said that actually the braille menu is for a blind person, who would not be able to see the signs so this would not be useful. I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry! What are your thoughts on this?

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This is very poor to be honest, and shows that there is still a complete lack of awareness in some places as to what is required to accommodate visually impaired people in public places. Rob

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I think laughing is the best option, or a stiff letter of complaint. That's also good.

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I laughed, sorry. But yes, I would not be impressed. That is quite bizarre.

I think someone needs training on the difference between the needs of a deaf person and a blind person.

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Every pub/restaurant should supply a Braille menu. It would be very useful for people like us.