Brief moments of unthinkingness...

Brief moments of unthinkingness...

Just a couple of short ones here. Genuinely witnessed by myself (for the first one) and my sister (for the second).

1. Looking through a catalogue I saw a cooker with a metal plate on the front bearing the words "Caution! This surface may be hot". Written underneath in raised metal braille was the same message. I wonder how many braille dots the reader would have got through before they burnt their fingers?

2. My sister went to a museum and saw a wonderful tactile map. It had, however, been covered by a dust sheet "to protect from vandalism"... which would render the map completely unreadable to its target audience.


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A shop near me has a large step to negotiate to get in, there is a small sign in the window saying that a ramp for wheelchair access is available inside on request. Quite how they think anyone in a wheelchair is going to be able to ask for it escapes me!

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I went to a shop that had so many small dips in the floor that the carpet was a pattern of yellow and black striped tape to the extent that you didn't know which were the raised areas and which were the holes in the floor. After stumbling for my third time I was tempted to ask whether fixing their broken floor might not be a better option?

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