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Myself and my wife are both heavily into art and crafts. Recently I bought an MDF blank in the shape of a button with a view to turning it into a clock for our craft room. The problem I had came when I needed to drill a hole through the centre. I was easily able to find how to do this via the wonders of google (Draw a cord across the circle, draw a line at right angles to it from the centre of the cord. Do this again. The place where those two lines intersect is the centre of the circle). The problem I had was measuring. I couldn't see the millimetre markings clearly enough to make accurate measurements. Other than a magnifier (which I have but am missing the cable for its light) does anyone know of any other aids or techniques for making measurement easier for the partially sighted?

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Hi , I'm severely sight impaired and work as a metal machinist , and in the course of my work , I need to make a lot of measurements . Like you , I have difficulty reading millimetre graduations on a steel rule . There are two way's that I use to do this . The first is a Ruby video magnifier ( 10 x ) and the second is a digital vernier calliper , the dimension is shown on a screen on the calliper . Hope this is helpful to you .

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There is a talking tape measure as well. I do not know how good they are but maybe worth a bit of investigation. I found one on this side of the pond from Amazon.

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Thank you both for your replies. I'll definitely look into those calipers. In fact I think I've got one but had only thought of using them for measuring bars etc. but you're right! They'd be just as good for measuring the distance on a ruler or similar.

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You can get a talking tape measure from Cobolt :