Polyhedral dice and board game aids.

Just today I did an 'inquisitiveness search' on Google. I knew you could get normal 6 sided dice with raised dots for VI gaming but I wondered whether those wonderful polyhedral dice of which I am a collector were also available.

I Googled "Braille polyhedral dice" and the result was better than expected. I came across a Kickstarter campaign for just such a thing but what was even better was it was by a company that had made a number of other aids for VI board, card and strategy/roleplay gaming.

I particular like their plastic card covers for popular card games (such as Munchkin!) which have Braille writing, Tactile images and, in the case where not all the text could be fitted on the card in braille, QR codes which could then be read out to the user through an earphone via a smartphone app.

It's all pretty awesome if board and card games are your hobby. Being sighted enough to see some cards but struggling to read the small text on a lot of them the QR code thing seems particularly useful to me and it warms my heart to know that there are solutions for those less sighted than myself as well.

Anyway - here are the details:

Kickstarter campaign for dice:

Board game aids company site:


Hope any fellow gamers on here will find this useful.

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I once read those books where you could choose different paths/choices and go to different pages meaning the story went a different way each time. I never progressed to Dungeons and Dragons and the like. I do like the idea of a tactile dice, mind.

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Clever ideas to allow us VIs to darry on gaming. I love the polyhedral dice- very tactile too. I have seen phone apps for dice, and it should be possible to write one in a spreadsheet that could be voiced by Talkback or whatever.

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I like the idea of card covers with Braille on and the really clever idea for putting a QR code on cards with too much information for braille on so that someone could use an app to get the text on their phone and use TalkBack or VoiceOver to read them out. Of course SeeingAI might do this without the need for the QR code. SeeingAI isn't available for Android yer though (Although apparently it's coming) and the benefit of QR code is you could even put on extra information not on the original card.

I'm looking into using a QR code generator and a label priter to do something like this to put on card covers for my Magic the Gathering cards.