A Consultation on Assisted Travel

This message was posted on behalf of Brian, East Midlands Campaigner.

The ORR are running a consultation on assisted travel and as many members will be aware you can pre-book assistance for train travel, but you can also just turn up at the station and the operator must provide assistance.

Assistance generally work reasonably well during 8am and 7pm on mainlines because the trains mostly have guards and stations are staffed. However, as new stock is arriving, operators are moving to driver only operation and de-staffing stations. A classic case of this is the new South Western Railway franchise (Replacement for South West Trains), were MTR the China based group, together with First Group are planning to remove guards and de-staff 80% of their stations.

It is very important that we respond to the ORR Consultation which closes on the 31st January 2018. We need to make sure the ORR understand what removal of guards and station staff means to us.

The link is: http://orr.gov.uk/rail/consultations/open-consultations/improving-assist...

Finally, I would like to ask how many of you realise that if you activate the emergency assistance call button/cord in the disabled toilet on a D.O.O train; the conversation is broadcast over the PA system for all travellers to hear but if a guard is on the train this does not happen because the guard goes to assist?

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Hi Jessica,

Intrigued by your last paragraph, partly because I do not know what D.O.O. stands for but are you saying that in the unlikely event that I am the only other passenger on the train when the disability assist alarm sounds, that it would be my duty to attend whether or not I had the competence to deal?

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Hi Nick, D.O.O. is Driver Operations Only, so there is no Guard or Conductor on the train. Regarding the alarm no you don't reply to it, it was just to warn anyone using the alarm everyone one the train will hear the conversation between the disabled person and the driver.

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Thanks for that Brian.