Research request for your experiences in the kitchen.

Hello all,

I am a product designer who specialises in inclusive design. I am currently looking into developing a kitchen aid for visually impaired and blind people. I have family members who are blind, and I therefore have come to recognise the impact these conditions have on a persons ability to be independent in the kitchen.

I am currently in the research stage of the project, and I want to understand users fully. I would love to hear experiences of how you operate in the kitchen while being blind or partially sighted, or experiences of friends and family members.

1. What are the main problems encountered within the kitchen?
2. How does this make you feel?
3. Do you often have to rely on other people to prepare meals?
4. How do you find cleaning?
5. How do you find looking for stuff in the cupboard and fridge?
6. If you could have a product to aid you in a certain task or activity in the kitchen, which task would it be?
7. Anything else you would like to add.

Any insight you could provide would be invaluable and much appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Hello. Requests for help with projects are better posted in "Play your Part" rather than "Introduce yourself", therefore I have moved your post here

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Thanks so much for doing this. I am new to forums and having a bit of trouble navigating them. I will know for next time!

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Yes I am contactable via email : [email protected]

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Hello there, thanks for sharing, do you also have an email in which people can contact you directly, if they prefer?

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I am very familiar with my kitchen because it has a simple layout. I already own a set of weighing scales, so at the moment, I’m happy. Hope this helps you with your research.

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I would be interested to participate in this project. I really enjoy cooking but there are times I wish a few things in and around my kitchen we’re more accessible to me.
My email: [email protected]
Kind regards,

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I have e mailed you some of my ideas. Hope this helps.
Kind regards

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I find going through cupboards quite a problem. I only have the use of one eye with reduced peripheral vision in that one and also reduced acuity of vision. I can't easily see anything in the back of a deep cupboard (I'm planning to put LED strip lighting in mine). Any kitchen with dim lighting can be a problem, at my parents I used to have to use an electronic liquid level indicator when making cups of tea and coffee as their kitchen used to be very poorly lit. Now that I live with my wife we have bright lighting in the kitchen but there can still be times where I get liquid levels wrong and can underfill, overfill or even miss the cup entirely.

In some ways ready meals and other freezer-to-oven food can be a problem as quite often cooking instructions either use tiny writing, white-on-non-contrasting-colour colour schemes, "busy" designs and other things which impede my being able to read the packet. I can zoom in with it using my phone camera but it can take time even to find the instructions.

The other thing is that if I drop food on surfaces and the floor I can't always see that I have done so and similarly I can't always see when something I'm washing up is properly clean so keeping things clean and tidy can also be a problem.

When I remember I will often feel a plate after washing it to see if it's clean and I've taken to always using a scourer but there are still often times when I've taken it upon myself to do the washing and my wife has to redo half of it.

So in conclusion better lighting and helpful aids can be useful to those of me as someone who is partially sighted but there are still some problems that can't easily be overcome and things can take more time.