RNIBs 'How I See' dance project - get involved

BDblaq Dance-SENCE/How I see dance project.
We are looking for participants to take part in a focus group to provide research for a dance piece based on How I see. You will have the opportunity to inspire a dance routine and take part in a dance workshop, below is what the creative director is seeking.

What inspired me to do this project?

Since 2012, walking through the streets of Kings Cross St. Pancras after long days of studies at London Contemporary Dance School. I have always been intrigued on the daily routines of People with Sight loss. I wanted to research and find out the types of sight loss that exist and how blind and partially sighted people deal with different daily situations to live an independent live. I decided once my choreographic skills developed and branched off I would create a unique tap fusion piece to tell a significant story about People with sight loss.

What would BDblaq Dance like to do?

I would like to host a focus group for Research and preparation for Resolutions 2018 at The Place, if the participants are interested I would like to then run a 1-day dance Workshop. I would love to gain knowledge and understanding of the RNIB community, the aim is to build a respectful connection with the RNIB community eventually creating an annual workshop with RNIB. Most importantly I would love to have this great opportunity set in BDblaq Dance portfolio.

This event is part of the Shape your connect project and participants will also be asked on the day to take part in a short discussion regarding connect. If you are interested in taking part in this, please contact Cyreeta Donaldson on [email protected] .org.uk

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Hello Cyreeta,
What a great project to focus on VI persons inclusiveness in this project.
Dance has been close to my heart but have much difficulty in participating. I love Contemprory as well as Folk Dance so if interested then contact me at:
[email protected]

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I am 23, I am visually impaired. I LOVE dancing. I am a Zumba instructor. I am happy to get involved.