Customer Experience Guru

We are seeking volunteers from the community who are passionate about excellent customer service.

As a member of our team of Customer Experience Gurus, you will be a critical friend, a partner and a pioneer. You will help us to deliver high standards of customer service, learn from our experience and improve what we do.

Role Summary
You will be working with RNIB managers and teams on a pilot project to ensure our services are delivered to the highest possible standards, and to support development of new customer initiatives, such as piloting new services, or changes to the way we deliver some of our existing services.

This role forms part of the way that we involve diverse groups of blind and partially sighted people to steer our direction. Specifically, in this role it will include monitoring our performance against the standards our customers expect from us (known as Our Service Promises).

What’s involved?

We are looking for people who can commit to being involved at least once a month for a minimum of 12 months. Most of what you will be doing for us is on the phone or by email so it is essential you are able to use both of these.

We will share information with you that is the same or very similar to what our managers review. We want our Customer Experience Gurus to consider the information from a customer viewpoint and then share thoughts and ideas with us. There will be opportunities to participate in mystery shopping exercises, gather feedback directly from customers, pilot and co-design new customer initiatives.

To summarise, the main activities will be:
1. Conduct mystery shopping and customer feedback exercises
2. Read and review customer feedback
3. Help to pilot new customer initiatives
4. Contribute to meetings with managers to discuss the feedback and make recommendations.

We expect there will be some telephone meetings or planned activity once a month.

No prior experience or knowledge is required, just an ability to focus on the experience of a customer, and a collaborative attitude to working within the people and resources available to RNIB.

Training will be available which will introduce the Gurus to a framework for reflecting on and evaluating customer experiences. This can be delivered face to face or remotely depending on the availability of each individual.

Please let us know if you are interested in doing all or part of this exciting and important role. Contact [email protected] or call 0303 1234 555. We will need your contact information and we would also like you to say a little about yourself to help us select the first group of people to take part in this pilot before we roll it out wider.

The closing date for applications is the 11th December 2017.

Thanks Natalie

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Reply to Natalie - Moderator by LelaPatterson

Sounds like a splendid idea Natalie.

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Reply to Natalie - Moderator by Jessica_Moderator

There is still time to apply to be a part of the Customer Experience Guru project. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to help RNIB gain some valuable feedback and pilot new customer initiatives.

To apply email [email protected] or call us now on 0303 1234 555. The closing date is Monday 11th December 2017.

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Reply to Jessica_Moderator by Nick

You really need to get cracking with this project. I am forever seeing and highlighting examples of poor standards within the organisation. And to cap it all, I've just received a Connect bulletin with reports from the Regions - or should I say half of the Regions as 6 areas submitted no report.

Doubtless there will be excuses of organisational restructuring and rationalisation but the bottom line is RNIB is failing in half of it's regions and that cannot be good enough!!

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Reply to Nick by Natalie - Moderator

Hi Nick, yes it will be a really insightful project as customers will be involved in helping to bring another perspective into looking at our customer feedback and undertaking mystery shopping activities, etc, working alongside different teams in RNIB.

In terms of the bulletin you specifically mention, yes some regions were unable to provide reports, this was because those areas were either about to recruit a Community Facilitator or the Community Facilitator was new in post and still finding their feet. We will now have around 15 staff doing this role to provide much more help on the ground and support and connect the community, whereas earlier this year we only had approx. 8 to cover the entire UK.

Once the new staff have settled in and they have connected with their local vols they will be working on reports that we can then update the wider community about. The Connected bulletin will be the place to find these updates and we are also working on an audio podcast which we will promote as soon as its ready. Hopefully, as a reader of Connected you will be one of the first people to see how your region is progressing and what they are focusing on.

Of course if you want to get more involved and feel you would like to help Connect in your area, you can contact to your local Community Facilitator. The best way to find out who this is, is to contact the Connect team via email: [email protected] or call: 0303 1234 555, or speak to anyone in your local RNIB office. You can also ask them about what's happening locally if you want to know more.

thanks Natalie

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Reply to Natalie - Moderator by Nick

Thanks for this response Natalie. I suspect we will never get a meaningful response from the Recruitment/HR team about why the six vacancies all occurred at once and why no contingency plans were put in place to cover for the recruitment process.

And that, in a nutshell, is the problem. These boards are an important front line of customer service. You can often get a feel of what people think from their comments to each other. And they provide a brilliant opportunity for RNIB staff to ask questions or seek direct feedback.

But moderators like yourself apart, how often does RNIB the organisation stimulate or even contribute to the discussions. OK, if you search, you might find the odd example but by and large, these boards appear to have no relevance to RNIB staff (as this instance demonstrates). This in turn implies that the staff members have no interest in customer feedback. They sit in meetings with customers and hear the noise of feedback but seldom listen to the words and never adopt the sentiment. That sends out thepatronising message that “RNIB knows best!”

I often hear the word co-production bandied about and if I understand things correctly, this concept goes hand in hand with customer service feed back. That’s all very good but I have yet to see it happen in practice. Not so long ago, thoughts and opinions were sought on the Action Connect discussion boards and a consultant was brought in to produce a new set of RNIB boards. The opinions offered were largely ignored and the result is an RNIB Connect website which in my opinion falls far short of its predecessor. Similarly, in other areas such as employment, changes have been made with no regard to the opinions of the service users.

Some years back, the organisation made a small but powerful change to its name but unfortunately, the culture still remains that of an institute for the blind and not of the blind. Until that culture falls in line behind the new name, I fear that customer experience gurus is just another box ticked and a voluntary waste of time for the individuals concerned – more’s the pity.

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Reply to Nick by Neil_S

Nick I agree with a lot of what you have said in your comments above. And for many of the points you state is why I for one am very reluctant to put myself forward for the role of Customer Experience Guru. Am left wondering at times what really happens to service user feedback. Is it really ignored and thrown away or is some of it taken notice off.
There is still a lot of positive stuff RNIB as an organisation. But I expect a lot of staff that remain must be demoralised with a lot of restricting going on. I can only try to remain positive and hope that more good changes supporting an increased number of service users will happen in the future.

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Reply to Neil_S by Nick

Thanks for that Neil. Nice to know I'm not alone in thinking the way I do.

And I take your point about the positive things and demoralised staff. Fingers crossed it comes round right in the end.

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Reply to Natalie - Moderator by Nick

On 28 November 2017, I was quick to criticise the lack of reports in the Connected bulletin, I should therefore be as quick to acknowledge the vast improvement in the latest Connected bulletin which only has a couple of gaps and the reports included are informative, helpful and interesting. A good stride in the right direction. Well done.

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Reply to Nick by Natalie - Moderator

Great to hear that Nick! We are aiming to improve it all the time so feedback is welcome