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Hi there, my names Charlie and I am a final year Design student at Goldsmiths University, London. I am working on a project looking at the difficulties that visually impaired people face when shopping. I've been doing some research and have found that this is a task that not everyone can go about on their own. I am looking to set up an interview with someone who is visually impaired just so I can get a better perspective on things such as the main difficulties, what's already done to help and what aspects need a significant improvement. I live in London so would be extremely grateful if someone from the city would participate in my attempt to use design to make life a whole lot easier for the visually impaired!



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Hi. I don’t live in London so cannot give interviews. But there are many issues blind and partially sighted people face with shopping including: too much superfluous info on pricing and labels, poorly laid out shopping centres with plenty of street clutter like a-boards, cafe seating, bollards, Street signs and so on. Signs sticking out all over the place for ads and promotions in supermarkets are another. Lighting is generally good for me but could be poor for some. Lifts and escalotars can also be terrible as they are either poorly marked or difficult to navigate. Plenty off challenges with internet shopping as well. Some websites are very accessible, but others are poor for screen readers.

Plenty of technology is already available including magnifiers, text to speech devices, apps for smartphones and gps navigation aids and not forgetting the white cane or guide dog. But very difficult to make every shopping experience really good.

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Just to explain my moving this. We get a lot of requests from students for aid in their projects and research so find it better to move such requests to the "Play your Part" board which is designed for those in the blind community who want to contribute to the community as a whole.

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Happy to help out with shopping research if you still need input. I mainly use online shopping for groceries (sainsburys). I visit shops by myself if I'm looking for a specific item but prefer to bring along a friend if browsing for clothers and shoes.