Feedback request on Taxi provision in Scotland

Feedback request on Taxi provision in Scotland

This communication was recently shared with us via the Connect mailbox:

"As Chair of the Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance (SATA), I am getting in touch to ask if you would contribute to an important piece of research work that we are doing around taxis provision in Scotland. You can contribute by completing this questionnaire .

We want to find out how well taxis meet the needs of older people, disabled people, those with health conditions or support needs, and others who potentially may experience access difficulties. It is about taxis in the general sense - including black cabs, private hire vehicles and anything else used for a taxi purpose.

The research work forms part of a project that Transport Scotland has asked us to carry out in order to understand how accessible taxis are to people across Scotland.

The questionnaire will help us to gather feedback on the experiences that people across Scotland are having. Please share this email with others.

The questionnaire has 20 to 40 questions depending on the answers you give. Here is the link to the questionnaire again. If you need the questionnaire in another format, contact our secretary Mike Harrison at [email protected]

To show our appreciation for your input, you have a chance to win £100 in Amazon Vouchers by completing the questionnaire. To enter the prize draw, you must respond by midnight on Friday 8th December 2017. Full terms & conditions can be found here.

Membership of SATA

You may already be a member of SATA, if not, please consider joining us. SATA is a charity promoting the need for public transport to be accessible for all. We want the journey from your home to your destination, and back again, to be as easy and smooth as possible. We welcome individual and organisational members. To find out more about membership, please contact our secretary Mike Harrison at [email protected]

Thank you for your support.

Arthur Cowie

Chair of the Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance (SATA)

SATA is an alliance of transport users, planners and operators who share the common aim of making public transport in Scotland fully accessible to all.

SATA is a Scottish Charity : SC 027600

Registered address: 65 the Loan, LOANHEAD, Midlothian EH20 9AG


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It's not entirely clear whether general taxi views or Scotland specific taxi input is being sought. Please can you advise?

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Alex Moderator

Hi Nick,

I can confirm that for this project it is just Scotland specific.

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