Questionnaire for university project about sight loss

1. How does living with sight loss affect your daily life? (We want to hear individual stories)
2. What do you wish fully sighted people knew about living with your sight?
3. Does this effect your education/work?
4. Is there any area we should avoid talking about?
5. We want to raise awareness of different visual impairments, how would you recommend we go about this?

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1. I am unable to see anybody who is talking and therefore don't know whether people are in the room. I also tend not to enjoy tv in the evening because I find AD isn't adequate, and is often not included.
2. I need to know who people are, who are speaking, and I need to be told when people have left the room. Sometimes I am left speaking to an empty room.
3. I am unable to work as I have been medically retired.
4. I don't like discussing my condition as I am myself, who happens to have a condition, I do not represent the condition on it's own.
5. Not sure

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Hi Amierandall, great that Patricia has been able to respond and give you her perspective.
If you want to read more stories about how sight loss affects people you can look at our blog section which contains lots of stories from many different people. They can be found on the community home page
I would also recommend that you watch the How I see videos as again, they are quite insightful -
Good luck