Accessibility at Bestival

My name is Ally and I doing a Masters in Service Design at The Royal College of Arts in London. I am currently working on a project with Bestival and Attitude is Everything (AIE) who are trying to improve the experience of blind and visually impaired people at Bestival. I am trying to recruit some people who might be interested in attending a workshop that we are running tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday 28th Feb at 2.30pm) in South Kensington in London.

We will be able to reimburse reasonable travel costs and we will also provide refreshments.

I am that it is extremely short notice and the rubbish weather doesn't help! but would anyone be interested in coming along?

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then please let me know by emailing me at [email protected]


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Hello Ally,
I have moved your post to the Play Your Part board as I think it will fit in better here.
I hope this helps.
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Hi Moderators,

Though it's nice to be updated, it was bad enough to stumble across multiple sitings of this post. Please, there is no need to let us know each time the it is moved from all those threads to Play your Part.

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Hi Nick,

Apologies that this has happened. As moderators we have to divide the work of moderating the boards between the team, so different team members work on different boards. If we see something which is in the wrong place we move it to the right place. In this case, the same message had been posted across several boards - something we try to discourage but can't easily prevent.

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Whoa! Tim, no apology needed. I was only messing around with the possible hope that potential multi-posters would get the message that the habit can be infuriating to those of us who pan-subscribe to keep abreast of all that is going on. I was fully aware that the fault did not lie with the moderator team who probably get just as frustrated as me.

But thanks anyway.

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As moderators we exist on a higher plane of existence in a state of Zen-like placidity and therefore never find ANYTHING annoying. ;)

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A world that a frustrated grump like me can only dream of...