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"Play your part includes information related to the blind and partially sighted world. I like it for many reasons, firstly it's not only limited to RNIB, we can find news related to other organisations. It provides updates, research and surveys etc related to campaigning, DLA, Housing etc. I have been linked to a few opportunities including testing a video game for blind people, I was involved in Audio Description for blind people in Cambridge University. I’ve taken part in a research session with Thames Water. With play your part I also got an opportunity to be involved in NHS Hospitals Project” - Norin, London

This is your place, as Norin explains very well, to read about opportunities for you to 'play your part', get more involved and share your experiences to influence many different projects. The opportunities below are not only related to our work within RNIB but also come from external organisations looking for the perspectives or real life stories of people who are blind or partially sighted. We will be clear when an opportunity is from or with RNIB.

Please note that with any external opportunities, RNIB do not vet, check or have an affiliation to any of the organisations that appear below. 

If you have an opportunity you'd like to share with the community please post below. Any questions or issues with any of the opportunities please leave a comment or call the Connect team on 0303 1234 555. 

Remember to take a quick look at our house rules before posting.

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