Using the Metro Link for Transport.

I have found that it is not always easy for blind people to get a seat on the Metro Link in Greater Manchester.
How has anyone else who uses the Metro Link found this?.

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Hi and welcome to the boards. I don’t use the Metro, but have had similar issues occasionally with seating on trains or buses. One reason could be because it is getting busier this time of year because of Xmas shoppers in December. And another that the days are shorter so some people may prefer to be out in daylight hours anyway. I have also seen a news article in which a guide dog owner had to sit on a floor of a train because there were no seats. Perhaps one subtle way is to where a badge saying you’re visually impaired and holding a long (white) cane has new effect or you do not carry one at all. Trying to travel slightly off peak times of day may work if you haven’t got to go to a specific appointment. Failing this I do not know if you have a guaranteed right to a seat if you’re visually impaired (maybe someone else can answer that) or whether you can complain to staff of the Metro service. Depending on your level of vision if any at all, I guess it can sometimes be difficult to spit when seats have been vacated on stops that are before the one you get off at unless you are travelling with a sighted guide or career, unless you are confident enough to ask people say in a nearby seat at what stop they will be getting off at.

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People are not always willing to help people who are not able to see it is a issue with which some people find it hard to communicate with you when you are blind in my view this is because to me they find it frightening to them because they believe that because you cannot see they feel they might offend you.

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Yes a fair point. There is a lot of ignorance about sight loss/no sight and indeed other disabilities. Sometimes I have had people jump up and give up a seat, although not necessarily offer it to me by saying something. I have also had some minor abuse but not directly at my face.
I have been on trains a couple of times early in the morning and the carriage has been dead quiet even though it has been packed out. So people are often in there own world and ignorant to others or at very least ignorant to others needs.

There is probably no easy way to get a seat on busy metro line other than asking for someone to give one up or direct you to one.