Experiences with banks and money management?

Experiences with banks and money management?

Good morning everyone,

How accessible are banks or other financial management services to you? Do those with severe visual impairments or sight loss prefer to avoid the trouble and get the help of someone they trust instead, or do they prefer to maintain control and do it themselves?

I'm a student at Lancaster University searching for a way to improve financial inclusion for people with visual impairments. As I personally have nearsightedness that can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, I'm interested in understanding how people who are unable to completely correct their vision engage with money management in general.

Any insights or examples that you choose to share with me and the community would be of great value to my research!

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Constance Ip


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I am registered blind and have a hearing impairment, I can only use my natwest banking app, its very useful as I can struggle to get out and about to speak to staff members at my local branch. I cannot use the telephone so that hinders things too. My local branch are amazing, they always help me, they've given me a special card made for people with sight loss, send me extra reminders, give me help in using the indoor cash machine, they make a note of my disability on my account, they've made calls for me and helped me with things that are finance or health related that aren't directly the banks responsibility. In short, without the natwest branch staff support I would have lost my independence and become very depressed and anxious.

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Hi there,

Thank you for sharing this! It's great that your local branch is so accommodating and offers you lots of support. I believe a lot of banks and even other service providers in the marketplace could learn from this.

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