Would a cane be useful for crossing roads?

Hello everyone,

I was born at 25 weeks along with my twin sister and I have been having sight problems since then, I've had laser eye surgery twice when I was a baby, because of how premature I was and how too much oxygen was getting to my tiny lungs, I ended up developing Retinopathy of Prematurity from which severe myopia, cataracts, nystagmus and astigmatism have now developed from it, I am not blind but I have low vision and I find it hard to do a lot of things, I cannot drive nor I feel that I can do any work at all, I was speaking to a Sight Loss advisor from RNIB and she was very welcoming, she did talk to me about getting a white cane, but I thought to myself: "Why would I need a white cane if I can see quite a lot already?", I can only see through a pinprick of light, so tunnel vision is what I also suffer with as well, I have very little peripheral vision so I am going to the hospital's orthoptics clinic to get a visual field test to see if I meet the criteria for registration as partially sighted, but even if I don't believe I need a white cane, should I take it anyway and the mobility training that goes with it? I am having difficulty crossing main roads (only with no pelican crossings), I have been almost knocked down 4 times and it's scaring me a lot. I talked to my rehabilitation officer and she's happy to give me Orientation and Mobility Training along with a cane if I find I can use it, but I'm just wondering if people will judge me for using a cane? Do you think my friends would care?

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