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If you live with sight loss and have an interest in how technology could be useful to you, check out Tech Talk on RNIB Connect Radio. This is the show that talks about mainstream and specialist technology from the point of view of three blind and partially sighted people who are really enthusiastic about tech. However, it is important to know that it's not a show purely for geeks - everyone is welcome regardless of you technical ability, age or sight level.

Listen Tuesdays at 1pm on RNIB Connect Radio or anytime on podcast via iTunes, Audioboom and anywhere you get your podcasts.

Join the conversation by emailing [email protected]

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I am very proud to say that since October 2017 I have been a contributor to Techtalk every week, I am one of the people behind the weekly feature called Potter's picks, where each week I tell you about 3 items both high and low-tech which can help you live an easier life with a visual impairment. As both a listener and a contributor I am very proud to recommend the show to anyone, whether you have never touched tech in your life or you are a 100% geek, everyone is welcome. Or even better, if you want to have your voice heard you might want to come onto the show, and there are a number of ways you can do this: you can record something, such as a demonstration or review of a piece of tech if you think people should know about it, or you might have a burning tech issue you just have to discuss with a group of people, so you could email the guys at the email address mentioned on this post, tell them what you want to talk about, and they will do everything to make your ideas a reality! You never know, you might just enjoy coming onto the show that much from the first time that you want to take part more regularly like me. I started out as a listener, then I emailed the guys and was interviewed earlier in the year about an issue that I had and needed help with, and from the first time I loved the team so much that I just wanted to keep going onto the show more regularly, and ever since then, I have never looked back.

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Have a listen at the latest Tech Talk podcast by clicking on the link below:

This week, Connect Member Dave is interviewed by the team about his love of Jaws and accessible technology. His interview starts at 41mins30secs.