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It would be interesting if around the country where rare eye conditions are audited to get a better picture of companies you specialise in certain types of cases to develop equipment for the needs required. With the system at the moment I'm not sure if we do have figures that are a guide line for companies to be more on top of the technology. To stop situations where equipment is unavailable for certain complex issues loosing out on being independent on 3 x interpreters to do my typing. I had 9 months in advance what part of my sensory that was weakening, This lost my independence with that 9 months that possibly could have helped adjustments to have avoided the situation. How many people are struggling with software due to possible health changes ?

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Hello GB, Im not sure if you will find the answer you are looking for but we have lots of different bits of research and statistical information in our Research Library, this might be a good place to start.
Good luck.

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Agreed. Good luck. Please keep us updated on your progress.