Recently, a group of women from our Connect Community organised a beauty masterclass at Jarrold Department Store in Norwich.

The masterclass, which was facilitated by RNIB, had professional MAC Cosmetics artists give participants some of their top tips as well as train them in how to apply makeup with confidence.

Cosmetic artist instructing someone on applying eye shadow

The lead Connector of the group Abbie Reddington, 21 from Sprowston, had wanted to find a way to share her passion for health and beauty with others with sight loss, so chose to form a makeup group.

“The makeup group is important as it enables visually impaired people to become more confident and less self-conscious of their appearances and allows us to become more involved in what some of our fully sighted friends are into.

I have always been too scared to wear make-up as I’m unable to see enough to know what I am doing and when I have applied enough. I was scared to walk out of the house looking like a clown!

All of us in the group have similar feelings and I hope that by us meeting in this RNIB Connect group, we will improve our confidence and understanding of how much beauty product is appropriate and how to apply it without being able to clearly see ourselves in the mirror.”

One of the MAC makeup artists commented “We really enjoyed training the group on how to apply beauty products and I’m sure they will all go away with more confidence after learning some new techniques on how to apply makeup. It’s been fantastic to work with RNIB to empower the women and hopefully they can pass on what they have learnt today to their friends and family.”

The group originated from an RNIB programme called Creating Young Community Leaders. This programme, which is currently running in four selected areas of the UK, aims to tackle isolation amongst blind and partially sighted young people by creating a new peer support network in their local area.

You can get a taste for what the event was like as it was filmed by BBC Look East and can be viewed here.

There are plans to repeat this masterclass in other areas, so if you’d be interested in attending a similar event or if you’d like to connect with your local network, join your regional Facebook group.

Image credits to BBC Look East