RNIB joins the nation congratulating Captain Tom on his 100th birthday

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Thursday, 30 April 2020
Thousands of birthday cards on display in the Great Hall at Bedford School

Captain Tom Moore, the Second World War veteran and NHS fundraiser, is giving RNIB even more reason to celebrate his 100th birthday today (30 April) as he is giving us thousands of stamps from his birthday cards.

RNIB is one of the charities to benefit from more than 125,000 cards have been sent to Captain Tom and displayed at Bedford School, attended by Tom’s grandson Benjie Ingram-Moore.

“Happy Birthday Tom!” said Matt Stringer, RNIB’s chief executive. “I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for thinking of us and helping us put those stamps to such good use. Stamps are sold by weight and we raise £20 per kilogramme of stamps, so it's a brilliant way to raise money.”

Captain Tom has become a beacon of hope for the nation after walking 100 lengths of his 25m-long garden to raise more than £29 million for the NHS Charities Together. Up to 150,000 cards are expected in total.

Already, a total of 140 members of school staff, Old Bedfordians, parents and pupils have adhered to social distancing rules and spent 1,750 hours to open each card and create a spectacular display in Bedford School’s Great Hall.

Benjie, who is 16 years old, managed the social media operation for his grandad’s fundraising and said: “The volume of cards that have been sent to grandad is just astonishing. So many of the cards are truly heartfelt with thousands from young children who have taken the time to use their artistic talent and write a personal message.”

He added: “It means a lot to grandad as well as us as a family. We are hugely proud of how the nation has taken grandad to its heart. Words can’t express how much I idolise him.

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