Scottish pub launches new audio menu for blind and partially sighted diners

Staff from The Huxley and RNIB Volunteers outside the pub
An Edinburgh city centre restaurant, has joined forces with RNIB to launch an audio menu for its blind and partially sighted customers.

One of the best things about going out for a meal is being able to enjoy taking your time to look through a menu and selecting whichever dish makes your mouth water. But for diners who are blind or partially sighted, this experience can often be a challenge, rather than a pleasure as they will usually rely on someone else being able to read the menu for them or asking for assistance. However, a pub based in Edinburgh has found a nifty solution for this...

The Huxley has managed to develop an electronic version of their menu which offers diners the option of hearing the menu on an iPad or through their own smartphones using speech software. 

"Since the launch, the customer reaction has been excellent. We have had various groups from RNIB in throughout the whole process and the reaction was better than I could've hoped for" said Kirsty Cameron, an RNIB volunteer who works at the restaurant and initiated the idea. She added: "I just wanted everyone to feel like they can enjoy eating out with their friends and family and hopefully this goes someway to making it a more independent and enjoyable experience."

Daniel Meikle, who is a RNIB Volunteer Facilitator and based in Edinburgh, also worked with Signature Pubs to support them in launching their menu.

Signature pub group, which owns The Huxley, has said that it plans to introduce the idea to other outlets in its restaurant group.

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