How people living with dementia can find the technology they need

Technology tips for people with dementia and sight loss

Alzheimer Scotland’s digital team has created a platform to help anyone living with dementia, or supporting someone with dementia, to find the right pieces of technology at the right time.

Alzheimer Scotland has created a platform called ADAM – About Digital And Me which could help the quarter of a million people living with dementia and sight loss in the UK find the technology they need. 

Families and carers have told Alzheimer Scotland they would like to try using digital products and services to look after their health and wellbeing, but they were worried about making the wrong choices. Also, they said they didn’t have time to go looking for something that will work. 

ADAM is an easy-to-use conversational questionnaire to be filled in by the person living with dementia themselves or it can be completed with a supporter, or carer. ADAM asks questions about the things you think are important and where you are facing challenges. It then gives recommendations about digital products which might be useful.

Recommendations are tailored to individual needs and include digital products designed to ensure people have a safe and happy home, stay connected, have fun and feel resilient.

ADAM’s selection of tested products can be browsed on its website without needing to complete the questionnaire. On the site there are ideas for digital solutions, including household items like vacuum cleaners, kettles and sensor lights, security devices and torches, smart phones and GPS trackers and a selection of apps for entertainment and staying in touch.

ADAM tells you about why those products have been recommended and gives some insight into how easy they are to set up and use. It suggests which retailers sell them too. 

ADAM has been co-designed by people living with dementia; everything in ADAM's catalogue has been tested by families living with dementia and the Alzheimer Scotland Digital Team.

Further information:

Visit ADAM to get tailored recommendations, explore the product catalogue and read what other people say about ADAM.

There are 250,000 people living with sight loss and dementia in the UK. RNIB has lots of useful resources to support people living with dementia and sight loss including our dementia booklet with everyday living solutions to support independence and help people to make the most of their sight.

More information from Scotland’s dementia charity Alzheimer Scotland which developed the ADAM platform.


Author: Amy Stewart, Technology for Life Resources Coordinator

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