Are you seeking people with sight loss to help with your work?

Photo of someone's hands typing on a laptop keyboard

If you are a university student, a researcher, a professional or an organisation looking for blind and partially sighted people to help with your work Connect Voices can help.

We can help you find people who are willing to talk about their experiences of living with sight loss, give feedback, and test a new product or service by sharing a short advert about your project on Connect Voices.

For more information about how we can help, get in touch via email at: [email protected].
You might also find our Knowledge and Research Hub useful as it showcases key information and statistics relating to sight loss and related topics. You can also access the RNIB Research Library, Europe's largest, most comprehensive and diverse collection of print and electronic materials about partial sight and blindness.

Other relevant and useful resources include RNIB's consultancy and user testing services and TPT's guide for researchers which explains how to involve people with sight loss.

How customer involvement makes a difference at RNIB

You can find out some of the outcomes from our past opportunities which involved blind and partially sighted people by downloading our recent Involvement Annual Report. It explains how their voice had an impact in shaping our work and much more. Download the RNIB Involvement Annual Report 2019