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Wednesday, 23 June 2021
Two new £50 notes, one showing the side with the Queen's head on it, the other showing the side with Alan Turing on the note

The Bank of England has completed its suite of accessible notes with the launch of a new £50 banknote.

Following the announcement in March, the polymer £50 is available for the first time today, to coincide with Alan Turing’s birthday.

Turing, a leading mathematician and computer scientist, is featured on the note and is best known for his codebreaking work at Bletchley Park, which helped end the Second World War. 

To make it accessible, the £50 note will feature four tactile markings in the corner. This differentiates it from the £10 note, which has two tactile markings, and the £20, which has three.

RNIB is proud to have worked with the Bank of England on developing the features of the new notes so that blind and partially sighted people can distinguish the different notes. 

The £50 note also contains advanced security features, completing the most secure set of Bank of England polymer banknotes yet. The note, like the £20, incorporates two windows and a two-colour foil, making it very difficult to counterfeit. There is also a hologram image which changes between the words “Fifty” and “Pounds” when tilting the note from side to side.

New £50 notes will appear in ATMs and tills from today but existing paper £50 notes can still be used. Six months notice will be given before the old paper £50 note is withdrawn.

David Clarke, Director of Services at RNIB, said: “It’s really important that blind and partially sighted people are able to live the life they want to lead and a huge part of that is about being included at the start of any product or service design.

“That's why RNIB is calling on all organisations to design for everyone and help us make accessible design a reality. Our work with the Bank of England is a super example.”

Watch our video on the new note: